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Dear Valued Clients,

In an effort to enhance our service and expedite the process, we are kindly request all our clients to submit their Golden Residence applications through our website without visiting the center.

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What are the requirements for a 10-year Investor Visa in the UAE?

  • Property in Dubai worth at least 2 million AED, Multiple properties will be accepted under the applicant’s name.
  • In case the property purchased through Developer or Bank mortgage, statement of account from developer or Bank NOC to proceed with the Residence visa application.
  • Person must be inside UAE.
  • Husband and wife can participate in one property (marriage certificate is required attested from MOFA and legally translated to arabic).
  • In case the property joint between Husband & Wife, and the value is less than 4 million, only one person will be eligible to apply for the golden visa then sponsor the other person(property share must be equal between both parties. In case the shares are not equal, highest share holder will only allow to apply as primary visa holder then sponsor other party (Spouse).
  • Title deeds owners can apply for Golden residence visa application if the market value exceeds 2 million (official evaluation certificate is mandatory).
  • Title deed jointly between partner is acceptable (applicant share should be minimum 2 million).
  • The applicant’s name in the title deed must be matching with the name in the passport.

What are the required documents needed for a 10-year investor Visa in the UAE?

To apply for a long-term resident Visa in the UAE, you must first acquire the following documents:

  1. When a title deed is issued for property in Dubai, the property value stated in the title deed must be at least 2 million AED (other emirates & DIFCA are not accepted).
  2. A clear passport copy (Passport valid more than 6 months).
  3. Old Emirates ID (If applicable).
  4. A high-quality applicant digital photo that matches the ICP specifications(Note: Please find the personal photo guidelines to be followed set by Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship, Customs & Port Security here.)
  5. Applicants from the following countries Must Bring their National ID (IRAN – PAKISTAN – IRAQ – LIBYA – AFGHANISTAN).
  6. Health insurance (from any insurance company in UAE).

As per GDRFA regulation, Medical insurance is compulsory for all residence permits applications. We can assist you to complete your medical insurance registration for you and your family.

You may choose one of the following options:

  • DHA Basic Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance

You can contact us through below contact details for registration or more information:

10-Year Investor Visa in Dubai – Everything You Need to Know

People from all over the world are drawn to the UAE's thriving economy and welcoming business environment in order to explore investment possibilities or establish new businesses.

For such persons, the UAE has a separate Visa category known as the Dubai investment Visa or partner Visa.

The UAE Long-Term Residence Visa is a new residence option introduced by the UAE government for wealthy or highly qualified foreign expats.

This type of Visa is valid for 10 years, depending on the applicant's eligibility category. Furthermore, if you meet the requirements, there is no need for a middleman in the UAE to submit your application on your behalf; you can do it yourself.

The most common type of long-term residency Visa is the investor Investor Visa, which requires a significant financial investment in the UAE to be eligible.

Benefits of a 10-Year Investor Visa in Dubai?

Acquiring a 10-year investor Visa in Dubai offers several advantages, including the following:

  • Extended Stay outside the UAE: There is no limit on how long you can be outside the UAE to keep your Visa active. With the 10-year investor Visa, you can stay abroad for more than six months without having to return to the UAE within six months, as other Visa holders must.
  • Safety: You are safe and secure in Dubai. There is hardly any crime. You are free to explore the city after nightfall. Those who violate the law have their visas revoked and are deported.
  • You can sponsor up to 3 house maids and drivers.
  • You can sponsor your family for the same 10-year period.
  • The property owner visa holders (10 years ) along with the retirement visa holders (5 years) can sponsor their dependents (boys & girls) for the same duration as the sponsor’s visa validity as long as they’re not married.
  • You can also sponsor your parents for a 10-year Visa.

10 Year Investor Visa Price In Dubai

DescriptionCost in AED
10 years property investor golden visaAED 9,884.75
10 Years property Investor golden visa renewal AED 9,419.75
10 Years property investor golden visa cancelationAED 190.75

Apply Online

How to Apply for a 10-year Investor Visa with DLD Cube?

The application process for the 10-year investor Visa is simple. The instructions below provide brief overview of what you need to do.

  • To verify documents:
    1. The documents are listed on this page.
    2. To send documents to dld-taskeen@dubailand.gov.ae for the verification.
    3. To apply online direct.

NOTE: Please don’t visit DLD-Cube office as all the information along with the submission is online.


1 – What is the minimum amount to invest for a 10-year property Investor Visa in the UAE?

You must invest at least 2 million AED in Dubai to be eligible for the 10-year property Investor Visa.

2 – Is a 10-year Investor Visa the same as having a golden Visa in Dubai?

Yes, a 10-year investor Visa is considered a golden Visa in Dubai.

3 – Can I sponsor my family with a UAE Investor Visa?

Yes, if you have a property investor Visa in the UAE, you can sponsor your spouse and children for a period of 10-years. Please check the Family Visa page on the same website for a list of all required documents.

4 – What are the different types of Investor Visas in the UAE?

The following are the several types of investor visas available in the UAE.

  • 10-year Investor Visa
  • 5-year Retirement Visa
  • 2-year Investor Visa

5 – Can I work in Dubai in any company with an investor visa?

Yes, holders of a Dubai investor Visa may live and work in Dubai. MOHRE permission is required.

6 – Do I need to visit Dubai every 6 months to keep my investor Visa valid?

As per the latest update from ICA you can stay unlimited time outside UAE.

7 – Is it possible to apply for Investor Visa, if the person is outside the country?

If a person is outside the country, he cannot apply for an investor Visa since his physical presence is required within the country throughout the completion of the residency procedures, and he is not permitted to travel during the procedure.

Please keep in mind that: DLD Cube will not accept any third-party applications (PRO or person holding POA), and only the applicant will be allowed to access the DLD Cube Center.