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Property Investor Visa For 2 Years

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2-Year Investor Property Visa in Dubai

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2 Year Investor Visa Price In Dubai

What are the requirements to apply to 2-Year Investor Property Visa in UAE?

As part of the application requirements, you must own a property in the UAE worth at least AED 750,000.
If the property is mortgaged, a NOC from the bank / developer is required, along with the property mortgage statement, and it must specify the entire paid amount and the remaining amount.
In case the property joint between Husband & Wife, property share must be equal between both parties. In case the shares are not equal, highest share holder will only allow to apply as primary visa holder then sponsor other party (Spouse).

What are the documents required to apply for a 2-Year Investor Property Visa in the UAE?

To sponsor a family in Dubai, you must provide the following papers with your application:

  • When a title deed is issued for property in Dubai, the property value stated in the title deed must be at least 750,000 AED (other emirates & DIFCA are not accepted).
  • A clear passport copy (Passport valid more than 6 months).
  • Old Emirates ID (If applicable).
  • A high-quality applicant digital photo that matches the ICP specifications(Note: Please find the personal photo guidelines to be followed set by Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship, Customs & Port Security here.)
  • Health insurance (from any insurance company in UAE).
  • Dubai Police issued a certificate of good conduct and behavior addressed to the Dubai Land Department (for residents, use the Dubai Police mobile app; for non-residents, please visit the Dubai Police station in Port Rashid).
  • Applicants from the following countries Must Bring their National ID (IRAN – PAKISTAN – IRAQ – LIBYA – AFGHANISTAN).
  • The applicant’s name in the title deed must be matching with the name in the passport.

As per GDRFA regulation, Medical insurance is compulsory for all residence permits applications. We can assist you to complete your medical insurance registration for you and your family.

You may choose one of the following options:

  • DHA Basic Insurance
  • Comprehensive Insurance

You can contact us through below contact details for registration or more information:

If the property is mortgaged by the developer, you would need a copy of the initial sale certificate.

If the property is completed and not under construction, a payment statement with proof of payment for 50% of the entire property value, or AED 375,000, is required.

2-Year Investor Property Visa in Dubai – Everything You Need to Know

In 2019, the UAE introduced a new system for long-term visas. Foreigners can now live, work, study, and invest in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor and with full ownership of their investments under the new system. The 2-Year Investor Property Visa in Dubai is a prominent Visa that the UAE offers. This Visa grants you unlimited entry to the country if you have a minimum investment of AED 750,000.

Benefits of 2-Year Investor Property Visa in UAE

There are several advantages to the 2-Year Investor Property Visa in the UAE.

  • To begin, you will be able to live in the UAE. There are multiple benefits to living in the UAE, including beautiful weather and a high and secure level of living.
  • There are no direct personal taxes in the UAE, and when there are, they are generally minimal in value.
  • The UAE also boasts strong investment opportunities and business-friendly legislation. This is a fantastic addition to your investment!

2 Year Investor Visa Price In Dubai

Description Cost in AED
2 years new property investor visa AED10,212.50
2 years property investor visa renewal (2 years license)AED 7,958.50
2 years property investor visa cancellation938.50 درهم

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How to Apply for a 2-Year Investor Property Visa in UAE?

You may apply for a 2-year investor property Visa in Dubai by visiting the Cube Center in the Dubai Land Department. The procedure is straightforward and simple. To apply, complete the instructions below or contact DLD Cube.

  • To verify documents:
    1. The documents are listed on this page.
    2. To send documents to dld-taskeen@dubailand.gov.ae for the verification.
    3. To apply online direct.

NOTE: Please don’t visit DLD-Cube office as all the information along with the submission is online.